1. Vision / Mission CSR adopted by the Company.

Business development by continuing to pay attention and care about the environment of the company, in the particular plant.

CSR Vision:

Building a company that has a commitment to contribute to sustainable economic development, to improve the quality of life of employees and their families and the wider community.

CSR Mission :

  1. Carry out activities in a sustainable manner in the form of empowerment and improving the quality of life of employees and their families and communities in the surrounding area of the Company’s operations.
  2. Played a role as well in solving social problems is also a problem of the business world.


2. Focus / priority CSR activities during the year 2013

MNK which is operating in Cikampek, periodically undertook myriad forms of social activities, aiming to help the surrounding communities. MNK’s CSR activities included:

  • Community development programs, among them are:

- MNK’s involvement in the improvement of entrepreneurial skills of the people around the MNK operating site.

- Technical trainings for the improvement of surrounding community

  • Relation development programs, among them are:

- Partnership with regional government to increase the efficiency and affectivity of programs oriented to improve the community’s living standard.

- The improvement of people’s quality of life, especially in education and sports for students as well as school-age children and environment.

CSR programs and achievements in 2012

  1. Continuing soccer school program for children from poor families around the company
  2. In cooperation with the Ancora Foundation to carry folk character-based school programs / training for kindergarten teachers and early childhood in which the company
  3. Doing hitanan for children within the company and blood donors
  4. Participate in the implementation of  qurban and distribute to about the company
  5. Provide assistance to orphanage, mosque, religious festivities and events


Future Plans CSR Program in 2013

The Company’s CSR programs 2013 still refers to the determined Company vision and mission. Priority remains to the empowerment of communities and the improvement of education infrastructure for students / school age children and of the environmentally friendly activities.

The Company realized that CSR programs can give maximum result if implemented in a sustainable manner. Activities in 2013 would be a continuation of the programs in 2012, such as:

  • Soccer school program for less fortunate children around operation sites;
  • Community school with character based/training for the kindergarten and early childhood education teachers in the surroundings of the operation sites, conducted jointly with Ancora Foundation;
  • Mass circumcision for the surrounding children and blood drive;
  • Clean water facilities development in areas where clean water facilities are lacking;
  • Participation in qurban worship by distributing meat in surrounding communities;
  • Donation for orphanages, prayer house and religious festivities;
  • Exploring the utilization of liquid waste from the Company by conducting pilot projects on farming areas surrounding the operation site.