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Dharma H. Djojonegoro
President Director

Indonesian citizen born in 1974. He has been serving as a President Director since Agustus 15, 2011. He’s career started at
Citibank N.A. in 1997-2001. He founded and led two companies engaged in agriculture and motorcycles. In 2000-2009
Dharma joined global consulting firm Mckinsey & company as a leader for transformation and business improvement programs
for varietyof natural resources companies around the world.
He holds aMaster a Business Administrartion in 2005 from INSEAD, France, Meanwhile, He holds 2 (two) Bachelor Degrees
in Marketing and Finance with summa cum laude in 1996 from the University of Oregon, USA.

Rolaw Parlindungan Samosir
Finance Director

He joined PT. Multi Nitrotama Kimia since 2008. He started his career as an auditor at KAP Prasetio & Utomo
(SGV, an affiliate of Arthur Andersen). In 1995-2003 he became a manager at KAP Purwantono Auditor, Sarwoko and Sandjaja. Throughout his career as an auditor he was involved in various types of audit work, such as General Audit, Internal Audit
Improvement / Internal Control and Due Diligence on variety of companies of diverse industries ranging from banking, energy companies, plantation, automotive, and others. Then in 2008 he joined MNK as the General Manager of Corporate Finance.
He earned a BA in Accounting from the University of Andalas, Padang, West Sumatra in 1994

Alex Djajadisastra
Marketing Director

Joined PT.Multi Nitrotama Kimia since April 2008. he started his career as a Project Manager of PT.Yudha Bumi in !980 to 1986.
He later pioneered the establishment of Nitro Nobel AB / Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific LTF in Indonesia as served as the Head of
Operations Indonesia from 1986 to 2002. He Also built his career in PT Gemasarana Nitroprima and PT.Mahakam Nusa Energy.
Since 2005 he has worked at PT.INCO Indonesia as a Technical Advisor for field drilling and explosive fields.
He earned a Bachelor of Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology in 1980.


Sapto Ariyono
Technical & Production Director

He Joined PT. Multi Nitrotama Kimia since 2011 as Director of Production. Previously He served as a planning and Process
Control Manager on Directorate of Production at PT. Pupuk Kujang. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering from
Gadjah Mada University in 1987 and MBA degree from Bandung Institute of Technology in 2004