A joint venture agreement signed on February 10, 1987 Among shareholders: PT Bimantara Citra, PT Pupuk Kujang and Dana Karya Abadi (DAKAB) Foundation. PT. MULTI  NITROTAMA KIMIA (PT. MNK) was establish on April 10, 1987 under Notary Deed by Imas Fatimah SH, No. 84 in Jakarta, as a Domestic Capital Investment or PMDN


On June 20, 1990, Nitric Acid Unit was succeeded to produce its premiereproduction and continued with Ammonium Nitrate Unit on July 5, 1990. These unit sites are located at Kujang Industrial Estate covering 5 hectares of the area. The capacity of Nitric Acid is 55.000 MT/Year for Ammonium Nitrate.


In 1994, PT. MNK started expanding its bussiness by supplying blasting accessories as well as providing blasting services at the custommer’s sites.


In year 2000, PT. MNK started to change its bussiness core from “nitarate based industry” into “Explosive Manufacturer & Mining Services”.


On April 10, 2007, PT MNK was officially declared its bussiness focus into “PT. MNK Mining Services”, Integrated in explosives area.

In 2007 Bimantara sold their stake in PT.MNK to PT. Ancora Indonesia Resources (AIR). Later in 2009 PT.AIR made a capital injection to PT.MNK resulting in shareholder composition of 50% for PT AIR, 25% for both DAKAB Foundation and PT. Pupuk Kujang.


PT.MNK started construction of new AN plant with additional 100,000 MT production capacity.


On January 17, 2011, PT.MNK was certified SNI ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007, by PT. Sucofindo International Certification Service.


The new Ammonium Nitrate plant (MNK-2) started its commercial production in February 2012