MNK is a leading and established mining services firm

  • MNK holds a critical and integral part of the mining value chain for Indonesia’s largest mining companies
  • MNK’s reliability as a producer is unrivalled with 20+ years experience, proven technology and long-term feedstock supply
  • MNK is the market leader of the Indonesian AN market, servicing Indonesia’s leading mining firms

MNK has competitive strength through production & supply chain footprint

  • MNK has completed the construction of MNK-2, increasing supply capability to 150,000 MT per annum and ensuring supply reliability
  • Mining explosives is a high barrier-to-entry industry, protected by regulations and limited feedstock
  • MNK has a comprehensive supply chain infrastructure to ensure AN supply reliability to our customers throughout Indonesia

MNK has world-class capabilities and talent

  • MNK provides customized end-to-end services to Indonesia’s leading mining companies
  • Adding to an already extensive array of blasting accessories, MNK is currently upgrading supply capability through an integrated explosive center
  • MNK is supported by a world-class talent at all levels to ensure a successful delivery of result to our customers